Head wearable technology to support brain health monitoring

Making protective headwear SMART

Our Goal

  • We are passionate about sport, and the good that it brings.

  • We want our children to play sport as safely as possible.

  • We want coaches and teachers to not fear taking responsibility

  • We want parents to have "peace of mind"

Our Technology

Our Smart Headband use advanced sensors and algorithms to detect impacts and inform coaches and teacher real-time. Our headbands are also designed to be comfortable and stylish, so athletes can focus on their performance.


HeadX is white label B2B hardware and software provider for support the identification and management of concussion / brain trauma in sport and beyond through measurement of head acceleration.

The patented design combines high-end accelerometers into a flexible and robust wearable insert that can be fitted in headbands, helmets & scrum caps. The “digital eyes” constantly monitor head acceleration events (HAEs) and provide real time feedback via LEDs when a player exceeds defined head impact loads.

NOTE: HeadX is not a medical device and cannot detect concussion. It measure head acceleration, which is a known contributing factor to brain trauma.


HeadX is a business focused on creating innovative solutions to support the management of concussion and brain trauma. We want players, coaches and parents to be informed, and use the data to manage the risks.

contact us: contact@headx.co.uk

With thanks to Peter Scrivener and Simon Shaw for your support