Head wearable technology for monitoring brain health

Making protective headwear SMART


HeadX is white label B2B hardware and software provider for detection and management of concussion / brain trauma in sport and beyond.

The patent pending design combines high-end accelerometers into a flexible and robust wearable insert that can be fitted in headbands, helmets & scrum caps. The “digital eyes” constantly monitor head acceleration events (HAEs) and provide real time feedback via LEDs when a player exceeds defined head impact loads.

Our Technology

Our Smart Headband are built using the latest technology and materials to provide the most effective protection against head injuries. We use advanced sensors and algorithms to detect impacts and inform coaches and teacher real-time. Our headbands are also designed to be comfortable and stylish, so athletes can focus on their performance.

Our Goal

At HeadX, we are dedicated to building smart headbands that protect young brains from concussion and brain trauma. Our mission is to provide the best possible protection for athletes and individuals who are at risk of head injuries.

Enjoy sport, play safe


HeadX is a business focused on creating innovative solutions to protect young athletes from the dangers of concussion and brain trauma. Our smart headbands are designed to provide superior protection while maintaining comfort and style.

contact us: contact@headx.co.uk